A business profile is like a rsum for your company. It lists basic company details and gives you a chance to highlight your strengths. Just like a rsum, you should write each business profile with a purpose in mind. Use it as an opportunity to briefly state why potential clients should work with you, but … Continue reading “Expert”

A business profile is like a rsum for your company. It lists basic company details and gives you a chance to highlight your strengths. Just like a rsum, you should write each business profile with a purpose in mind. Use it as an opportunity to briefly state why potential clients should work with you, but give thorough and precise details.

Readers need to know who theyre looking at before you get into the specifics. It will also demonstrate how organized and efficient you are. Make sure to give the company name, the year established, what your company does, who the principle is, all your contact info, and your website. If there are additional basic details relevant to your business, give them here.

Marketing Consultants Est. 1975 in Las Vegas, NV

55 Corporation Drive, Las Vegas NV 56556 ph. (555)555-5555, fax: (555)555-5556

If you have a mission statement, put it here. Otherwise, write out your company vision, guiding ethos, and a little about your history. Telling who you are and what drives you gives your company a human element. It also gives you a chance to do some subtle advertising early on.

This is a place you can afford to be a little vague. Mission statements are legally necessary for some businesses, and may need to be specific. For everyone else, try to state what you do without limiting yourself. You dont want to scare away potential business that thinks you wouldnt consider expanding into adjacent industries. But it is easy to overdo vague language.

A bad example: XYZ Semantics is a company driven by the pursuit of its dreams. We want to bring you with us on this journey. Our dedication to solutions and innovation make us the leading marketing consultants west of the Mississippi.

A good example: XYZ Semantics is seasoned and talented team of marketing consultants. Since 1975 we have helped our clients grow their business and profits. Though our methods are complex, our goal is simple: we want to help you sell your product to more customers.

Check with your secretarial or human resource staff to find out up-to-date details in several areas. You may not need to use all these, but having them on hand will make it easier when you sit down to craft the profile. Set up a way to streamline this process in the future, as you will want to update this information in your profile regularly.

Turnover. Low turnover can indicate stability, but either way its a good statistic to have on-hand.

List of all business activities. What are all the areas you work in?

Unique equipment or specialties. If you are the only company that produces, say, a rare machine part, you need to mention that.

Your methodology and/or what software you use.

Volume of output you can handle. Prospective clients need to know if you are prepared to meet their needs.

Delivery stats. How many units do you ship in a given period?

Major accounts or clients. This is a way to show prospective clients whether or not you are used to doing business with companies like theirs. Its also another chance for subtle advertising.

Since you want to keep the profile short, you cant include every possible detail. Also, not all of them might be strengths. Pick out what might be relevant to include in your profile in various contexts. Keep the other information on hand for future reference, but put the important stuff in one place for easy access.

Look first at competitors and other companies in the same type of business. Note the style and tone of the ones that stand out. If you have a business you really look up to, such as a leading national corporation, look at their profile. What do they do that stands out to you? Incorporate this style into your own.

Before you sit down to write the profile, make sure you have the most recent numbers you can find. Prospective clients arent interested in your performance from five years ago. They want to know how you will deliver now. Get your staff to update you on these details regularly so you have to do less leg work when it comes time to write a new profile.

Most times, you want people to read your profile as potential customers. Make sure they read all the way through by keeping it short and engaging. Show you respect their time and you dont want to waste it. Short business profiles also indicate that you dont need a lot of flowery language and decorations to show you are the best. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

For example, dont list every client youve had in the last 15 years. Keep the list short by including only the top 10 or so with high profiles. But make sure the language indicates they are not your only accounts!

Avoid overly specific jargon as well as general statements.

You will inevitably use terms that people in your industry understand, but a fourth grader might not. However, dont let the profile become an advertisement for your vocabulary. At the same time, avoid meaningless, vague statements. Experts in your industry will know fluff when they see it.

Simulated annealing and RPCs have the necessary infrastructure to interface with our overseas servers.

Our company optimizes synergy, productivity, and innovation while diminishing losses.

Here is an example of a targeted statement:

We store data safely in our servers at home and in our international offices.

Some companies and individuals let their creativity get away from them by going for excessively showy visual appeal. This doesnt change the information presented, though. Pick a format that has lines and standard fonts to visually organize your profile. This is another way to ensure that the profile is easy to read.

This is a kind of advertisement for your business, so dont be afraid to talk about your strengths. Although, they should never worry about the accuracy of your business profile. Mention specific numbers or awards to quantify your performance.

Make it creative but dont exaggerate. Find a nice middle ground between good writing that makes you stand out and showy prose. Write something that sounds nice in two paragraphs, and then edit it down to one.

For example, dont write: We are marketing consultants based in Las Vegas, NV. We help businesses in the region sell their products and services. If you sign with us, we will be contractually obligated to advise you ways to increase your business.

But also dont write: Semantics, LLC started in 1975, became the uncontested leader in marketing consultation in the United States by 1980. Our unrelenting and fervent attention to detail makes us the only good option for businesses hoping to increase sales. If you work with us, your profits will increase threefold in the first year.

Opt instead for: XYZ Semantics was named in Style & Marketing Magazines Top 5 Marketing Consultants of the Southwest list every year since 2005. Our team was selected from a variety of backgrounds to promote a creative environment. Choosing our services will not be the last good decision you make.

How do I come up with a draft for a company profile?

Entrepreneur & Retired Financial Advisor

Michael R. Lewis is a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investment advisor in Texas. He has over 40 years of experience in business and finance.

A good way to develop a business profile is to see what your competitors are doing. Visit their web and social media sites and review their content. Do you like the description of the business? How is your business different than the description of their business? What key information seems to be missing? The bottom line, an effective profile highlights the reason(s) that your business outshines the competition along with basic data about how to contact you physically, telephonically, and online.

How should a business profile be written?

Entrepreneur & Retired Financial Advisor

Michael R. Lewis is a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investment advisor in Texas. He has over 40 years of experience in business and finance.

The purpose of a profile is to let your potential customers know your location, the ways they can interact with you, the products or services you offer, and the key reason(s) they will want to do business with you (rather than your competitors). Put yourself in the mind of a potential customer and ask yourself, What would I want to know about XYZ before doing business with them?

How do I write a business profile for a new business?

The same as any other business profile, but shorter, and focus on your unique qualities instead of your experience (as you might not have much). Keep the focus on what makes you different from your competitors, i.e. handmade products, superior service, etc. Optionally, include an introduction to your core team, perhaps short bios and a photo of each person. If you have someone on your team that has extraordinary achievement(s), you can also mention those.

How can I draft a business profile for a vegetable market?

Write about your plans for financing the market, your goals and how you will overcome any potential challenges.

Do you have any suggestions on a business profile for a company that supplies computers and accessories?

You could try something like, unlike EA we also care about MAC users. That only works if you actually have accessories for MAC.

Do I need to include a twelve month cash flow?

It is not needed. It could expose the financial position to the public which might attract a lot of competitors with higher financial strength.

How do I write a floral craft and lawn services business profile?

How can I prepare a company profile for startup business. I need to show this profile to get the clients?

How do I write a business plan for construction and small projects company?

How can I prepare a chemical manufacturing and trading firms business profile?

How can I prepare a furniture manufacturing firms business profile?

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Intuit Inc

Intuit believes in the power of the individual. The power to do more. To make more. To be more.

We believe in the people who do things the hat jugglers, the to-do list junkies, the masters of getting it done faster, better and more efficiently than ever before. Whether thats balancing the household budget, running a business or paying taxes.

We believe in these people because we are these people. We thrive on action and results. And by making things simpler, we all get more out of doing what we love.

As the world evolves, so do we inventing new solutions to solve important problems, perfecting those solutions and delighting our customers. In short: Were on a mission to power prosperity around the world.

We started small in 1983 with Quicken personal finance software, simplifying a common household dilemma: balancing the family check book. Today, we serve 42 million customers in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil, with products available from the desktop to the cloud.

Were publicly traded with the symbol INTU on the Nasdaq Stock Market, and regularly recognized as one of the best places to work in locations around the world.

Our flagship products QuickBooksandTurboTax support our mission to power prosperity around the world for small businesses, the self-employed and consumers through an ecosystem of innovative financial management solutions.

QuickBooks®andTurboTax®make it easier to managesmall businessesandtax preparation and filingQuickBooks Self-Employedprovides freelancers and independent contractors with an easy and affordable way to manage their finances and save money at tax time. AndMintdelivers financial tools and insights to help people make smart choices about their money.

IntuitsProConnectbrand portfolio includesProConnect Tax OnlineProSeries® andLacerte®, our leading tax preparation offerings for professional accountants.

Todays expanding portfolio serves customers in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil, with products available from the desktop to the cloud.

Supporting our mission, our strategy is to apply a laser-like focus to help our customers prosper through One Intuit Ecosystem that:

Puts more money in their pockets through data-driven services,

Eliminates work through innovative technology, and

Provides complete confidence that they can do it right by themselves with complete confidence.

Just as we transformed before, from DOS to the web, and to the cloud and mobile, we are evolving again to deliver personalized experiences on a trusted, open platform and help create indispensable connections.

As the way we live and work evolves, we adapt our strategy to meet and lead these changes. No matter where you find us and whether you use our products on your PC, mobile phone or table we remain committed to creating new and easier ways for consumers and businesses to tackle lifes financial chores, giving them more time to live their lives and run their businesses. As our business and product lines grow beyond accounting and into new areas, we will build on our heritage of innovation. Thats not just ourhistory. Its our future.

Youll find more detailed information on our business in ourannual report.

Media Or Tech Company? Facebooks Profile Is Blurry

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Media Or Tech Company? Facebooks Profile Is Blurry

Regulators, and sometimes the public, still have a tough time getting a handle on just what Facebook is. And that makes it difficult to determine just which laws should govern it.

Media Or Tech Company? Facebooks Profile Is Blurry

iframe src= width=100% height=290 frameborder=0 scrolling=no title=NPR embedded audio player

Media Or Tech Company? Facebooks Profile Is Blurry

Media Or Tech Company? Facebooks Profile Is Blurry

Media Or Tech Company? Facebooks Profile Is Blurry

iframe src= width=100% height=290 frameborder=0 scrolling=no title=NPR embedded audio player

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.Zach Gibson/Getty Imageshide caption

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

Among the many questions Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrestled with as he testified before Congress Tuesday and Wednesday was one of a more existential nature: What, exactly, is Facebook?

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) asked Zuckerberg whether the social networking website was a tech company or a publisher.

Zuckerberg replied, When people ask us if were a media company or a publisher my understanding of what the heart of what theyre really getting at is, Do we feel responsibility for the content on our platform? The answer to that, I think, is clearly yes.

His answer matters because what Facebook is determines how lawmakers regulate it. Issie Lapowsky, senior writer forWired Magazine, says Facebook is a lot of things and they still dont necessarily understand it.

Obviously these hearings were just a matter of Washington getting a firm grasp on how Facebook works in order to figure out how to address it, Lapowsky says. Because … they havent seen anything like Facebook before.

On whether Facebook is a media or tech company

I think Facebook is a lot of things. Mark Zuckerberg would like to tell you Facebook is a tech company. But as he noted today, Facebook does a lot of things, including building drones that can beam the Internet to parts of the developing world. They build tools that allow you to send money to friends. So are they a financial institution? Are they an aerospace company?

I think its pretty clear that Facebook has completely changed the way the media industry works. And thats why regulators, and sometimes the public, have such a tough time really defining whether Facebook is a news entity, because we havent had a platform like this that is both so dominant in news but that also is not committing journalism itself. Its really just pulling in all this news from the rest of the Web some of that legitimate news, some of it not.

The laws that allowed the Internet to really become what the Internet has become give platforms wide latitude in terms of what responsibility they have for what people publish on their platforms. So thats why Mark Zuckerberg and certainly the heads of other social networks like this have really maintained that We are the platform not the publisher. Because they want to be a neutral platform, which means that they are not subject to any laws requiring that they monitor illegal activity and things like that.

On Facebook taking responsibility for its content

That is an absolute departure [from the past]. So many of these tech CEOs have started repeating this clich: We dont want to be the arbiters of truth. And I think that Mark Zuckerberg is seeing that that is not playing so well in the public. And time and again, theyve seen how these problems really escalate, and the more extreme examples that we see of ways that it could go wrong, I think the more Mark Zuckerberg has had to come around to the idea that yes, they are responsible for this content.

Jessica Cheung and Emily Kopp produced and edited the audio story. Sydnee Monday adapted it for the Web.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

TSMC Education and Culture Foundation

HomeAbout TSMC Company Profile

TSMC Education and Culture Foundation

Established in 1987, TSMC is the worlds first dedicated semiconductor foundry. As the founder and a leader of the Dedicated IC Foundry segment, TSMC has built its reputation by offering advanced and More-than-Moore wafer production processes and unparalleled manufacturing efficiency. From its inception, TSMC has consistently offered the foundry segments leading technologies and TSMC COMPATIBLE® design services.

TSMC has consistently experienced strong growth by building solid partnerships with its customers, large and small. IC suppliers from around the world trust TSMC with their manufacturing needs, thanks to its unique integration of cutting-edge process technologies, pioneering design services, manufacturing productivity and product quality.

The companys total managed capacity reached above 10 million 12-inch equivalent wafers in 2016. TSMC operates three advanced 12-inch wafer fabs, four eight-inch wafer fabs, one six-inch wafer fab (fab 2) and two backend fabs (advanced backend fab 1 and 2). TSMC also manages two eight-inch fabs at wholly owned subsidiaries: WaferTech in the United States and TSMC China Company Limited. TSMC also obtains eight-inch wafer capacity from other companies in which the Company has an equity interest.

TSMC is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) under ticker number 2330, and its American Depositary Shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol TSM.

The TSMC management team profiles…

TSMCs Board of Directors consists of nine members. Their careers span a wide breadth of technology…

TSMC is committed to act ethically in all aspects of our business, and will not condone any form of corruption…

TSMC Announces Candidates for Board of Directors

TSMC Files Annual Report on Form 20-F for 2017

Online information and transaction for our customers.

The web-based portal for smarter supplier interactions.

Join TSMC member to get the latest press releases and financial reports.

Company Profile PowerPoint Template

Company Profile PowerPoint Templateis a presentation template that you can use to present your company. This presentation template contains 15 slide designs ready to be used for company presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

You can customize any of the presentation slides including the background company information as well as the team and skills slide designs. Thepresentation templatealso comes with useful slides including awesome data-driven charts that you can use to display sales charts or performance charts.

Atimeline slide designis also included in this presentation template for PowerPoint. You can customize the timeline by adding important milestones, for example to describe the work process flow used in your company or instead add  pin points to the world map used to describe your company global reach.

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Roll Up Banner template vector illustration

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The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group is a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The company is still owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family who founded it in 1932.

a childs life and lays the foundation for later adult life. We

believe that play is a key element in childrens growth and development

and stimulates the imagination andthe emergence of

ideas and creative expression. All LEGO products are based

on this underlying philosophy of learning and development

True to its motto Only the best is good enough, the LEGO

Group has been emphasising the importance of high quality

since 1932, where the founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen began

making wooden toys. High quality and safe products have remained

the focal point for the LEGO Group throughout the years –

and it still is. LEGO products are tested rigorously to live up

to the strictest safety and quality standards

as well asour own high expectations. This approach

has made children and adults return to LEGO products time

LEGO bricks are all part of the LEGO system, which essentially

means that they can easily be combined in innumerable

ways and just as easily be dismantled. The more LEGO

bricks you have, the more fertile your creativity can become.

The combination of a structured system, logic and unlimited

creativity encourages the child to learn through play in a

The LEGO Group wants to leave a positive impact be it in

respect to the Groups stakeholders or the wider community.

The LEGO Group is committed to caring for the environment

and the society that children will inherit, and to inspiring and

developing the builders of tomorrow.

All our reports from 1999 to present…

Supply Chain Transparency Statement

About Shengyi

Based in Dongguan since 1985, Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Guangdong Shengyi Sci. Tech Co., Ltd.), a public company, is joint-ventured by AVA International Ltd. (formerly known as Mica-AVA (Far East) International Limited), Dongguan Electronic Industry General Company and Guangdong Foreign Trade Imp. & Exp. Corporation.

Shengyi manufactures FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3 and Prepreg. Shengyis products are mainly used for making single sided, double sided and multilayer printed circuits board, which are widely applied in mobile phone, automotive, telecommunication equipment, computers and higher-level electrical products.

As the largest copper clad laminate company in China, Shengyi has abundant technical resources and develops many kinds of high-tech products at the internationally advanced level. Shengyi is the only enterprise in Dongguan with a national research and development center. Shengyis products have been approved by many well-known enterprises, such as Siemens, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, etc. Products are exported to numerous countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea. As the international manufacturing center has transferred to China, market competition has become more and more fierce. Even against such background, Shengyis sales volume has always been the No. 1 in mainland China.

In order to fully utilize the capital market, enhance the companys strength, and realize rapid growth, Shengyi was listed in Shanghai stock market in 1998. Shengyi is the onlycopper clad laminate public company in China at present.

Shengyi takes the lead in getting ISO9001, ISO14001, IS0/TS16949 and BS7799 certificates in this industry. Shengyi has won various national, provincial and civic honors, such as the National Advanced Export Enterprise, the Best China (Manufacture Base of Copper Clad Laminate), Top 100 China Electronic Components Enterprise, Top 500 Chinese Outstanding Enterprise in Comprehensive Strength, Paradigm Enterprise of 863 Plan in CIMS Application, Dongguan Leading Industrial Enterprise, etc.

With continuous effort, Shengyi becomes not only the leader in copper clad laminate industry in China, but also the most competitive and professional Dongguan indigenous manufactory in the international market. The companys annual output has increased from 600 thousand square meters to 25 million square meters.

In 2004, Shengyi, with the aim to build the largest cooper clad laminate production base in South China, investedin land covering more than 270 thousand square meters in Song Shan Lake Sci. Tech Industrial Park with 3.2 billion RMB. The first, second and third phase of Shengyis expansion has been completed in July 2005, July 2007 and October 2009. Moreover, the company invested more than 1.2billion RMB for the fourth and fifth phase in August 2010. Meanwhile, Shengyi has Shengyi joint ventured in Xian, Suzhou, and Lianyungang for cooper clad laminate and silica powder.

With unremitting effort, Shengyi will continue to develop by leaps and bounds.

About Amicus

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq:FOLD) is a global biotechnology company at the forefront of advanced therapies to treat a range of devastating rare and orphan diseases. We have a robust development pipeline of treatments for a range of human genetic diseases.

Our lead product candidate,migalastat, is a personalized medicine in late-stage development to treat individuals with Fabry disease on the basis of their genetic diagnosis. Our lead biologics program isATB200/AT2221, a uniquely engineered Pompe disease ERT that will be administered in combination with a pharmacological chaperone. We are leveraging our biologics andChaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART®)platform technologies to develop novel enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) products for Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs).

Company Profile Sample

A company profile is a professional introduction of the business and aims to inform the audience about its products and services. It can be used as a marketing tool, to attract investors and clients who might be interested in the product or service provided by the company. Usually, a company profile includes several items, such as a firms history, number and quality of its human, physical resource, management structures, goods or services, reputation as well as its past, current and anticipated performance etc.. Writing a concise, creative and attention-grabbing corporate profile is very important. Sample company profile formats or company profile templates listed below will give you inspirations. With these company profile sample templates, you will make a perfect company profile quickly.